Monday, April 22, 2013

 Dark Fairy Tales: Alice in Wonderland
 Little Red Riding Hood
 Graffiti Art Babe
 Sleeping Beauty
 Another take on Little Red Riding Hood
Baby Eva
The rest of Jim & Bonnie, much love.

Working again with Emily Conklin, she submitted these photos to Bumble & Bumble for a competition. Good luck Em! 

Hair by Emily Conklin at Lunatic Fringe in SLC, Utah

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More of what I have been up to while away:
Russ Davies


I love family photography, it's so much fun to see the love. I had the privileged of photographing some family friends recently. Jim and Bonnie have been like second parents to me and though we don't talk as often as we should I would still do anything for them and I'm sure the feeling is mutual. Love you guys!
More of these two lovelies to come...

It's been awhile...

Sorry for the delay in posting been busy busy!
Here is some of my work that I have been doing while away...
A monstrous pin up shoot: